Monday, 21 July 2014

Sleep Meditation Experiment: Does this Track Help You Feel Sleepy, Or Not?

This sleep meditation experiment is one of the many things I've been working on during this blog's hiatus. So, with apologies for such a long break, I now present a free meditation you can stream.
Update: 08/08/2014: The background music (without a voiceover) is my track, "Meditation Music: Ocean Lullaby" and is available to buy at:

CDBaby, Amazon and ITunes.
And you're also free  use "Meditation Music: Ocean Lullaby" in any of your own YouTube or creative projects: it's licensed for synching via CDBaby and Rumblefish. (If you use it like that, you don't have to let me know, but I'd love it if you did, as I may be able to cross-promote your project too).
So back to the matter in hand-the meditation...

Please note, that though my intention is that it helps you to feel sleepy, this is still at the experimental stage, so I really need your feedback on that, whatever it is. (If it doesn't make the vast majority of listeners feel really, really, sleepy, I won't be taking this any further).

So, this comes with no guarantees (and without a callback too as it's designed for sleep). Please use it wisely, and only when you can give it your full attention.

Other than that, please enjoy this, and please *do* let me know what you think of this meditation, which is very much a "work in progress".

Many thanks!


  1. If you tried to access this in the first 2 minutes after I posted it, apologies again, as the track hadn't embedded-it should be appearing for everyone to stream now!

  2. I had tried a couple of times meditating and stuff but I always use to doze off in between. I assumed it was because of lack of concentration and guess what I was right. I later on came to know of the concept of DIY Aromatherapy and trust me that has worked tremendously for me. I bought my fragrance products from and I absolutely loved the mild fragrances; it opened up my senses for mindful meditation and I found that I didnt sleep off in the middle as well.

    1. Thanks Kristina-I know that lavender works well for sleep for me. Meditation certainly isn't the only answer and having a range of approaches to hand is always a good idea.

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