Monday, 11 April 2011

Meditating Before Sleep

Meditating before sleep. I know that there are mixed views about this, but personally, it's my favourite time to meditate, let go of the day and send intentions forward for the next.

The "received wisdom" against meditating at night is that you fall asleep whilst meditating. (Which let's face it, isn't (most of the time) the worst thing that can happen to a person in their lives. Even if it does tend to make the quality of dreams a little more psychedelic-for me, anyway).

Anyway, meditating last night before sleep, I broke the second supposed cardinal rule: don't meditate when you're lying down because (yep, you've guessed  it) you'll fall asleep.

The interesting thing about meditating before sleep like this...

The interesting thing is that whilst, yes, I did fall asleep,  I remained conscious as it happened. First there was a golf course in front of me (relating directly to that which my Long Suffering Spouse was listening to). Which turned into a field, though it was as if the front of me was in the field, and the back of me, still in the bed.

Finally, I felt that I was fully in the field and (unusually for me) lucidly in control of where I went next in the dream.

Whatever received wisdom might say, I'll be repeating this process again, on purpose next time.

Is this something that happens more regularly for you? What's your view on meditation and sleep generally, and meditating before sleep in particular?

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