Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Is This The Most Powerful Reason to Meditate?

The reasons to meditate keep mounting up in research. It helps you keep calm. It may assist in alleviating depression, asthma, and a host of other conditions. For some, it's an essential spiritual connection. There is even evidence that meditation can help to cut crime.

And of course, in addition to all of the above, it helps you feel good.

However, there may be an even more powerful reason to meditate that includes all of the above, and it's this. For too long, meditation has been seen and portrayed by the media as a fringe, weird or "hokey", pursuit, that can't be part of the mainstream. Even those journalists now investigating it more fully approach it as something "other". And this is despite all of the solid benefits, and more evidence than I've space for here, in meditation's favour.

It's Time for Meditation to Become 100% "Mainstream"

Consider for a second the activities that have traditionally been acceptable, such as  high-risk banking, drilling for oil in beautiful environments, or waging war. They may be mainstream, but they haven't exactly put the world in the optimum place, have they? Isn't it time that all the old activities that have harmed individuals, society, and the planet, be marginalised, instead?

So if you've ever felt "weird" for being a meditator, or have wanted to meditate but thought it might be too "woo-woo," this is your moment. Help meditation become more mainstream, and turn the tide towards everything that best supports our world.


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