Thursday, 14 April 2011

Finding Time to Meditate

Why can finding time to meditate be such an issue? And though a meditator for nearly 13 years, I can fall prey to this just as much as anyone else. So this really is an open question, discussing and seeking solutions, rather than proposing a whole raft of them.

Why can finding time to meditate be such an issue?

Finding time to meditate: toughest when busiest?

The deep irony of the whole "finding time to meditate," conundrum is that, for me at least, it pops up the most when I'm busiest, (and therefore of course, when I actually need to meditate more).

This came into sharp focus yesterday, when attempting to move gracefully through a longish list of chores turned into a stressed circus of beta brain waves and shallow breathing by 4pm. Am I proud of this? Absolutely not. Did it give me a bit more insight into the mechanism of this situation? Absolutely.

The "can't find time to meditate" cycle

The unfortunate cycle seems to go something like this:

The "Can't Find Time to Meditate" Cycle


Possible ways to break the cycle

I said  at the beginning that I don't have any neat solutions to the problem. But one way forward seems to be anything (or a collection of "anythings") that break the cycle above and turn it into:

The "finding time to meditate" cycle

In general, I've had the most sucess in breaking the negative cycle with small actions rather than big ones. Telling myself that I can afford to take five minutes off, or even just a minute, to concentrate on the moment, is oh-so-much-more effective in the face of a deadline, and feels so much easier to allow, than 30 minutes of quiet in another room.

How does finding time to meditate work for you?


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